Sep 4, 2011

Korea/Jeju Trip @ May 2011 - Day 5

Day 5 - 21 May 2011

Rise and shine on day 5, another relaxing day!   

Breakfast was buffet at Winter Sonata Cafe. Those who had watched this drama, will find it familiar. This is the café where Jun Sang played the piano for Yoo Jin and they had a private dinner together.

After breakfast, we took gondola up to Dragon Peak but we didn't manage to see the scenic peak as it was too cold and misty to venture out of the station. Furthermore most of us did not wear enough to withstand the cold weather.

Peak Restaurant

At Dragon Peak, there is a Peak Restaurant which was also a memorial filming site for Winter Sonata. The famous fireplace where Jun Sang and Yoo Jin trapped for the night due to snow storm.

Korean BBQ Lunch

After Dragon Peak, we left Yongpyong resort and proceed to lunch. We had an enjoyable Korean BBQ lunch at a local restaurant. Yummy!

Next we went to the farm and had great fun at the Yasan Farm (Agroland). Very impressive, beautiful and clean farm. We spend quite a bit of time on farm activities like cow milking, cow feeding and calf feeding. The animals all looked so healthy and beautiful!

Tractor Riding

An orientation tour by tractor around the farm.

Hand-on Ice Cream Making

The farm activities include hand making and tasting Korean ice cream. Making ice cream without maker but just with hand whisk! Amazing, it's work but darn tiring!

After which, we proceed to Resom Spa Castle where there are different varieties of spa facilities, offering hot springs from Duksan which has a history of 600 years. Resom Spa Castle is the first spa theme resort in Korea with 407 rooms and a water spa theme park called Chunchunhyang. We checked in to the resort for the night. The room was nice, with a small pantry, separate living room, bedroom and a very big washroom. Even in the room, you get hot spring water too. After checking in, we were given few hours to enjoy the spa facilities before meeting for dinner. 

Dumplings Hotpot Dinner

Dinner was at the resort restaurant. Hotpot! Not great tasting but we enjoyed the side dishes.

Stay tune for more updates on day 6 itinerary where we would be at Seoul ...!


Hyosun Ro said...

Oh looks like it was a really fun trip. I remember the cafe from the drama but have never been there. Something to do next time I visit. All the food looks delicious...

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