Dec 8, 2011

Premium Chicken Pie @ Swisslink Bakery & Cafe

The last time I blogged about this chicken pie was 2 years ago. Two years later the pie is still as good and as impressive. They were from a neighbourhood bakery cafe and they also have very good curry puff and apple pie.

Perfectly bake chicken pie with lovely pastry!

Every slice filled with chunks of potatoes, chicken and egg. It can easily be a meal itself, very hearty and satisfying. 

The curry puffs are awesome too! Very rich and flavourful curry filling with the almost melt in the mouth flaky pastry.

Swissbake Bakery & Cafe
109 Clementi Street 11
#01-07 Singapore 6778 7858

Tel: 6778 7858
Daily: 9am - 9pm


Zack Miller said...

I would like to know if the one you attend called cakemaking workshop. Is it hands-on or demo? If its hands-on, does everyone make one type of cake and get to bring it home? Do i need to be very professional to attend the course?

wensdelight said...

No, the recipes taught at the demo classes are mostly quite simple and suitable for home baker.

Alice said...


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