Jun 9, 2012

Best of Honshu - Japan Trip Day 5 Part I (21st Sep 2009)

We had completed more than half of our trip as we crossed over to Kyoto-Osaka on day 5. The main highlights for day 5 will be visiting The Golden Pavilion, Kiyomizu Temple and in the evening shopping at Shinsaibashi.  

Started the day with buffet breakfast at International Hotel Nagoya. Then we took off a long bus ride to The Golden Pavilion.

Had some cooling desserts at the Tsuchiyama Service Area. Due to heavy traffic jam, by then we reached Kyoto was time for lunch.

Lunch was the typical Japanese set that we were being served the last few days. Haha... can't stop complaining! 

After lunch, a short ride to The Golden Pavilion. On the way we caught a glimpse of Kamogawa River

The Golden Pavilion / Kinkakuji Temple which is properly called Rokuon-ji Temple, built in 1934 and the present structure is covered with gold plate. It is a replica of the original destroyed by Arson in 1955. It was inscribed as World Cultural Heritage in 1994. 

Next was to Nishijn Textile Center where a Kimono show was specially line up. Here you find a great variety of traditional craft works that Kyoto is famous. 

The Kimono Show. The models showcase a variety of elegant kimonos. The show lasted approximately 15mins and it's an hourly affair starting from 10am to 4pm. 

After the show, we proceed to Kiyomizu Temple, part of UNESCO World Heritage. Due to the massive traffic jam again, we had to alight more than 1 km away and walk to the temple. On the way there are many little shops selling hand made porcelain/ceramic wares. 


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