Apr 16, 2011

Seah's Seafood Hotpot Soup

13 Mar 2011

An impromptu hotpot dinner at home on Sunday. Usually Sunday is a dine out day with my uncle's family but there's a Sunday my Aunt Peggy was not feeling well so the routine dinner appointment was cancelled. I was more than happy as we can whip up something simple at home instead...I always like homecooking.

Seah's Seafood Hotpot Soup Dinner!

After checking out what we had in the freezer, we decided to have a mini steamboat dinner using Seah's Seafood Hotpot Soup Spices (from my Seah's Spices hamper). We had bits of each items so the hotpot was a good ideal to clear of everything but just short of fresh vegetables & mushroom. No worry! There's a supermarket conveniently located next to my block. I went down to get some fishball, mushroom & vegetables. This was really quite simple to prepare, all ready within an hour of preparation.    

Fish, Prawns, Pork Liver, Fish Maw, Pacific Clam, Fish Balls, Sausages, Fresh Meat Balls, Shitake Mushroom.

Spinach, Lettuce, Golden Mushroom, Mung Bean Noodles

Seah's seafood soup base was light, clear and sweet tasting which make a good hotpot soup base. A simple yet yummylicious hotpot which need very little preparation time. We enjoyed it thoroughly and the best part was all in all most probably cost less than S$20.

The soup base comes in sachet and need to preboil with 1500ml water for 30 mins to make the soup base. Remove the sachet before serving.
The ingredients for the soup spices are scallop, Chinese angelica, ginseng, pepper, ginger, sugar, salt & permitted food enhancer.

It's good to stock up some of this for rainy day use. Don't you think so? This soup base is very versatile, can be used to cook other soup like old cucumber soup, lotus root soup, winter melon soup, bittergoud soup, raddish soup, corn and carrot, watercress soup & cabbage soup. For a richer flavour which is optional, we can add in meat to enhance the soup.


Cookie said...

glad to see that these days convenient food is getting better. Those days the soup sachet is probably ladden with MSG!

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