Jan 6, 2012

Aunt's Cooking - Jul to Dec 2011

A round up of my aunt's cooking for the 2nd half of the year 2011... wonderful & yummylicious homecooked food! We are so blessed by her. Thank you aunt!

July 2011

Sesame oil chicken, Stir fry Taiwan dou miao, Fish maw soup, Seah's prawn paste chicken, Cantonese style steamed mullet, Bittergourd with 2 eggs, Stir fry braised duck, Stir fry Chinese spinach, Sambal sotong, Eggplant & ladyfingers with dried shrimp, Broccoli with mushroom, Steamed fish with sambal.

August 2011

Stir fry bittergourd with black bean & egg, Assam pork ribs, Stir fry cauliflower, Steamed seabass fillet, Steamed golden pomfret in Teochew style, Watercress pork rib soup, Dried radish omelette, Assam stingray, Pan-fried saba, Stir fry zucchini with mushroom.

September 2011

Stir fry cabbage with black fungus, Pork cubes with special sauce, Fried chicken, Stir fry Shanghai green, Braised miso wing, Stir fry celery & sweet pea with roast pork, Jacket with miso sauce, Fried cod fish top with black sauce, Egg soup, Stir fry you mai with mushroom.

October to November 2011

Prawn fritters, Steamed Thai style fish, French bean with crispy silver fish, Preserved vegetables with pork, Stir fry pork cube with mushroom, Steamed fish, Stir fry mixed vegetables, Soupy ngai bai with eggs, Braised chicken feet & wing.

December 2011

Spinach with shimeiji mushroom, Grilled honey miso wing, Fish maw pacific clam soup, Stir fry zucchini & bamboo shoot, Stir fry xiao bai cai, Bittergourd with fish head in black bean sauce, Assam pork ribs, French bean with egg, Ee fu noodles, Stir fry broccoli & cauliflower, Fried golden pomfret with soya sauce.  

Some of the recipes can be found here - Aunt's cooking.


Nasi Lemak Lover said...

All dishes look so yummy!

Anita Khaw said...

Omg, can your family please adopt me? O_O

wensdelight said...

Haha... no problem!

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