Apr 7, 2014

My attempt on breakfast bento!

My attempt to make breakfast bento on working days! Not those fancy kind but just simple, satisfying and hearty type of bento boxes that I really enjoyed eating it. Most of time I used my lock n lock or systema container for my bento! 

Ikea Rosti with Johnsonville brat, scrambled egg and cherry tomato.

Buttered and toasted multigrain cranberry toast with cheesy omelette, hotdogs and cherry tomatoes!

Smoked salmon finger wholemeal sandwich with Japanese strawberry!

Cheese bread toast with scrambled egg, cocktails sausages and cherry tomatoes!

Tuna and egg sandwich toast with cherry tomatoes!

Ham and cheese sandwiches with berries, nectarine and Anlene milk!

Ham and cheese finger sandwiches with berries, nectarine and Meiji drink!

French toast with Johnsonville brat, scrambled egg and cherry tomatoes!

Egg mayo sandwiches with Kiwi and strawberry!

Mini croissants with scrambled egg, cocktail sausages and cherry tomatoes!

Egg mayo and pork floss sandwiches!

Peanut butter and raspberry chocolate swirl sandwiches with fruits and nuts greek yogurt!

Yuzu madeleine and peanut butter cup chocolate with fruits!

Fruitti peanut butter wrap with fruits!

Egg and pork floss wrap!

Scrambled egg wrap with kiwi!

Ham and cheese butter rolls!

Croissant with egg mayo sandwich!

Ham and cheese french toast with maple syrup and salad!

Sausage wheatgerm bun with fruits and honey greek yogurt!

Sundried tomatoes tuna and egg cheese toast!

Tuna Sandwiches made with Sunshine Hearty Seed Bread and fruits!

Egg and Spam Hearty Seed Sandwich Bread with fruits!

Egg Mayo and cucumber multigrain sandwiches with fruits, cheese and cracker!

Multigrain ham and cheese sandwiches with salad!

Big breakfast! Fluffy pancake with scrambled egg, turkey ham, saute mushroom and maple syrup!

Bak Kua and Egg Sandwiches!

Pictures taken with iphone 5.
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Grace-Life can be simple said...

Wen, I love your breakfast ideas!! I'm bookmarking some of them. Now breakfast need not be boring.

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