Nov 15, 2008

Newton Food Centre

After Chef Yong's class at Cairhill CC on friday where Newton food centre is just opposite, I went over to buy supper home. From "ieatishootipost", I came to know about Heng Carrot Cake stall so I 'tabao' one back to try.

I ordered the black carrot cake, the texture of the kueh was done just right. I can taste the raddish and the best part was it's no pork no lard yet it's still so tasty. It was still moist & tasty when I tabao home. I will defintely order Heng carrot cake if I go Newton the next time.

As I went round the food centre for another delight, I decided to try Thye Hong hokkien fried prawn noodle (Stall no 58) as there seem to be a lot of recommendations & awards hanging on the stall front.

However to my horror, it's TASTELESS! I wonder did they use any stock to braise the noodle. Maybe they want to make it no pork no lard too, that's why it can't bring out the taste of the mee. Really wonders is it change of cook...


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