Nov 26, 2008

X'mas Roast Beef Workshop Menu 5

Last evening was my 3rd X'mas Workshop with Chef Yong. I'm been looking forward to attend this workshop since last week...

I enjoyed the session and the food tremendously as in Chef Yong's workshop, I always get to learn new premium ingredients and easy cooking methods for western cuisine. It's really an exposure to me as I'm not so familiar with western cuisine especially spanish & Italian food.

As usual I learnt another 3 new dishes for X'mas. Chef Yong is always so generous in the portion for our sampling, its more than enough for a meal. These were what I ate last night...

1) Tortilla Mexicano with Romesco Sauce
This is the spain version of tortilla, is actually a very thick omelette filled with bell peppers, zucchini, sausages & cheddar cheese serve with a simple greens salad and top with Romesco sauce. This is a thumb up for me and definitely going to try this out at home.

2) Fennel Potato Soup with Smoked Salmon & Boursin Cheese Crostini
This is a very creamy and thick soup. A bit too creamy for my liking. But I like the side dish that go with it, the toast with boursin cheese spread.

3) Slow Roasted PS Sirloin with Truffle Mushroom Sauce
A very simple method taught on how to prepare a medium done steak. The truffle mushroom sauce was good!!!

Photos extracted from Chef Yong's Blog - Culinary Workshops with Chef Eric Low which illustrates the presentation of the above dishes:

Last night's workshop, I learnt 2 new ingredients: Truffle oil & Fennel Bulb

Do drop by again as I still have 2 more X'mas Workhshops with Chef Yong to attend...


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