Dec 18, 2008

Chinese New Year Epicurean Gourmet Workshop Menu 1

This menu was so popular that it was fully booked at some of the CC but I managed to book it early to secure my sit at Serangoon CC on Wednesday, 17/12/08. My 2nd CNY workshop with Chef Yong.

Our menu for the day:

Fish Maw Soup

This is a classic Teochew soup, popular in Bangkok's chinatown roadside stalls. A thick & rich broth with fish maw, crabs, bamboo shoot & mushroom serve with raw bean sprouts. Thumb up for this, so gooood....

Coffee Pork Ribs on Roasted Pineapple

This dish is quite popular in some of the seafood restaurants in S'pore. The meaty pork ribs coated in coffee glaze with a tint of cinnamon & vanilla fragrant served with roasted pineapple. I find it a bit sweet but most of them don't think so. But it's delicious and I'm going to try this out at home.

Wok Fried Prawns w/Crispy Soy Bean Crumbs & Curry Leaves

Stir fry prawn w/butter, curry leaves & crispy soy bean crumbs/Dou Su. Dou Su is specialty ingredient from Taiwan. We can get it locally at chinese gourmet ingredients stores. Quite nice serve with fried crunchy beehoon as garnish.


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