Dec 5, 2008

X'mas Pastry Workshop Menu 2

This is a late posting, attended a X'mas Pastry workshop at Serangoon CC by Chef Yong again on 3th Dec 2008 (Wed).

Instead of serving the usual dessert like cakes, ice cream, fruits etc, I get some new ideas of serving easy to make dessert from this workshop. I also learnt the use of different liqueur for each type of dessert. Another interesting culinary exposure for me...

1) Chocolate Rum and Raisin Puddings

This is suitable for a sit down dinner serving dessert individually. The pudding, more like a choc mixed fruit muffin to me, is very nice. It's moist and not too sweet which goes very well with vanilla ice cream. It's contain rum soaked mixed fruit and we can taste the strong fragrant of dark rum.(See picture of rum used on the left)

2) Bunuelos with Amaretto Custard

Bunuelos are fritters traditionally eaten at Christmas in Spain, Southern America & others. It's like cream puff but deep fried instead of baked and filled with Amaretto Custard & served with dusted cinnamon powder & chocolate sauce. Custard is mix with praline paste & almond liquor - Amaretto or Frangelico liqueur (see left picture). This dessert is suitable to serve in High tea party.

3) Cherry Macaroon

It's a pie with swissroll base and filled with kirsch soaked cherry & baked with a macaroon topping of toasted dessicated coconut. This is suitable to serve as buffet dessert. See pictures below:


Anonymous said...

wow looks like you're ready to cook a feast for this coming Christmas :)

Wen said...

Hi Anonymous,

Haha... Look like it right? But actually have no plan at all, just for the fun and interest...

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