Dec 5, 2008

Canton Wok by Chef Kang

I finally got a chance to visit this restaurant after hearing & reading quite a few good reviews about them. This restaurant was quite a hit 2 years ago when they were at HDB heartland - Serangoon Central. Then they had shifted to Joo Chiat, a refurbished pre-war Peranakan bungalow, not much ambience to rave about as it's interior was just a typical old fashion chinese restaurant decor. Recent reviews on them was fair only and standard had dropped. I think so too after going there with high expectation. Even their signature dish - Steam Crab Glutinous Rice did not really impress me except that the crab was very fresh.

I was there on Thursday with my boss and a few colleagues for lunch. It's a treat from my boss. My boss chosen a set for 6 of us at S$188.00 w/20% disc.

These are the dishes served in the set:

1) Sharkfin & dried scallop soup in whole pumpkin

The stock was rich and tasty but too little fin and too much dried scallop. Please don't ever try scrapping the pumpkim flesh to go with the soup, we tried and the pumpkim actually taste funny not cooked.

2) Baked King Prawns with White Cream Sauce

This was quite good, the prawns were coated with batter, deep fried till crispy and baked with the cream sauce.

3)Steamed White Patin Fish

The fish was fresh except that the skin a bit chewy and the sauce too salty.

4) Boiled Spinach w/3 Eggs & Garlic

I would prefer this dish to cook with chinese spinach or nai bai. This was so so only. I think my aunt cook it better. haha...

5) Peking Duck w/Goose Liver Sauce

This was quite creative to me. The Chef deep fried thinly sliced mantou till biscuit crisp, spread it with goose liver sauce & top with a slice of roast duck skin.

6)Steamed Crab w/Glutinous Rice

This is their award winning signature dish. However it's not a 'wow' dish to me except that the crab was really very fresh. The glutinous rice was precooked with dried shrimp and chinese sausages then steam with the crab.

7) Braised Ee-fu Noodles

This was normal but I quite like it as it was piping hot when served. It's taste real good with their fresh balachan chilli.

8) Double-boiled Papaya w/White Fungus & Seacoconut

The dessert was too sweet for my liking and I didn't finish it.

Overall dining experience was so so only and I don't think I will revisit again. However, their set menu is quite value for money...

Canton Wok by Chef Kang
382 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: 62856919 / 63486919
Operating Hours:
Tues - Sun: 11.30am - 3pm, 5.30 - 10.30pm


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