Jan 5, 2009

Chinese New Year Workshop Menu 4

Saturday - 3rd Jan 2008

Attended this CNY workshop by Chef Yong last Saturday at Cairhill CC. Star of the day's workshop was the Soy Braised Duck w/Chestnuts. Simply delicious... Is their family recipe that pass down from the last 2 generation.

Our delicious samplings of the day:

Steam Crabmeat w/Sharkfin Melon In Superior Stock

A lovely soup flavoured with dried scallops and crabmeat, served w/sharkfin melon and fresh coriander leaves.

Soy Braised Duck w/Chestnuts

A third generation family recipe that brings out the best of tender braised duck w/herbs and spices in a rich soy gravy and chestnuts. This is keeper!!!

Fried Rice w/Jinhua Ham and Fresh Shrimp

A very simple fried rice that is easy to prepare and yet elegant for an auspicious occasion.

For workshops details & registration, please refer to Chef Yong's Blog: Cook with passion


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