Jan 30, 2009

Smoked Salmon Sandwich w/Red Skin Potato Salad

Thursday - 29th January 2009
I'm still on CNY holidays as I only need to start work on Monday. So today lunch was prepared by me again. I made a Red skin potatoes salad and a simple smoke salmon sandwich to go with.

I used canned smoked salmon, mix it with some chopped onion, dill & mayo spread it on toasted bread. Yummy. As for the potatoes salad was from Chef Yong's workshop so not convenient to review the recipe. Basically is a mixture of boiled red skin potatoes, green pepper, chopped onion, gherkins, sausages, spring onion, mayo & mustard. I like this salad very much even though I usually don't like potatoes and this was my 4th times making it.


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