Feb 9, 2009

Ming Chung Restaurant

We celebrated our Yuan Xian dinner at Ming Chung Restaurant on Sunday. A very authentic old shop since 1933 serving tradition and down to earth Heng Hwa cuisine. It is a restaurant that still embodies the understated charm of pre-war Singapore. After all the feasting, we decided to have something simple and nice. I sugguested to have dinner at Ming Chung as I really miss their 'Lor mee', 'Mee Sua' and other dishes.

My dad used to bring us there during my teenage days, though now the food don't taste as good in the olden days where the old owner of Ming Chung was still the Chef but I feel their food is still better than other Heng Hwa restaurant. Really authentic... and is one of my hubby favourite dining place too. It's usually crowded during dinner and most of them ordered the same type of food. We also had our standard order of:

Heng Hwa Lor Mee & Fried Mee Sua, Prawns Ball, Chilli Lala, Deep Fried Batang Fish & Fried Kailan w/Beancurb Skin.

Ming Chung Restaurant
67 Maude Road
Singapore 208348
Tel: 6296 3428
Opeinng Hours:
3pm to 11.30pm
(Close on Monday)


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