Feb 24, 2009

Thai Cooking Class (Elementary) ~ Lesson 3

My Thai Cooking class - Lesson 3 at Cairhill. Today the menu was not that interesting and tasty to me as compared to last week. The Galangal chicken soup was something new to me. It tasted like Tom yum soup, sourish & quite appetizing using lots of young blue ginger to cook the broth. I like the vermicelli salad w/minced pork. This is one of my favorite thai salad. Forest's version was healtier as compared to the restaurant. There was no trace of oil at all in the salad eventhough minced pork was used. This is good. As for the desset, is not my cup of tea but I like the fresh honey mango... of course la so fresh & sweet! LOL...

Galangal Chicken Soup

Vermicelli Salad w/Minced Pork

Steamed Glutinous Rice w/Mango

Lesson 3 @ 24th Feb 2009

Forest Leong conducts cooking classes at Shermay's Cooking School and PA. Please check out the related websites for details if anyone is interested in attending her classes.


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