Feb 10, 2009

Thai Cooking (Elementary) ~ Lesson 1

My 1st lesson (total 4), Thai cooking class by Forest Leong at Cairhill CC. Forest Leong, a native Thai trained at the Thailand's Hotel and Tourism Institute, worked in top hotel for several years before settling down in Singapore. Married to celebrity chef, Sam Leong (Director of Kitchens for Tung Lok Group). She is a soft spoken and friendly lady, very helpful and informative. I enjoyed attending her class, very relaxing...

I bought her cookbook at the class for $22.00, I think is cheaper than outside. She published her first Thai Traditional cookbook in May 2007. She has another new cookbook just launched last month. Maybe I will get it on my next lesson.

3 recipes were taught, very simple home-cooking Thai food:
Tom Yum Prawns
Roasted Chicken w/Lemongrass
Lemongrass Jelly
Lesson 1 @ 10th Feb 2009
Forest Leong conducted cooking classes at Shermay's Cooking School and PA. Please check out the related websites for details.


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