Feb 12, 2009

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine

Last night we went out for dinner to celebrate my friend, Faith's Birthday! They wanted me to sugguest a place to dine. I gave the birthday's girl a few restuarants to choose and she selected - Patara Fine Thai Cuisine at Tanglin Mall.

An elegant and comfortable restaurant serving authentic thai dishes with a modern twist! Dining here can get rather expensive. They don't serve ice water but evian mineral water and every 1L bottle cost $7.00. Prices for most dishes start from $17.00 onward. Meat and seafood dishes price range from $22.00 onward. Last week was lots of Jap food and this week is Thai... I really enjoyed the dinner.

We started off with a complimentary salad from the Chef :
Yum Som-0
Spicy pomelo salad with prawns, roasted coconut and sweet chilli jam.
Very nice and appetizing...

Khao Tang Naa Tang
Crispy Thai rice crackers accompanied with a dip of minced chicken and prawns simmered in light coconut cream.
I don't really like the coconut dressing but my friends love it.

Tom Yum Talay
Authentic hot spicy and sour seafood soup with per pot 21 Thai herbs, mushrooms and slices of young coconut meat.
The soup taste difference from the usual tom yum soup, it's sweeter and spicier but the seafood was very fresh. I still prefer the clear broth tom yum. The portion was rather small, each of us just get to taste one small little bowl ($21.00/pot).

Nam Tok Neua Yang
Spicy grilled angus beef salad with romaine lettuce, lemongrass and shimeiji mushrooms.
This is not their specialty but it's winner. The grill beef was so tender and the dressing was so delicious. Thumb up for this!

Pla Gao Tod Sauce Takrai
Golden whole garoupa in Phuket lemongrass sauce.
The fish was fresh, crispy and the sauce was good. The sauce was served separately so the fish will remain crispy.

Kor Moo Yang
Grilled pork collar marinated with chef’s recipe, served with spicy chilli dip and vegetables crudités.
This is their specialities. Very nice especially when you dip the pork with the sauce...yummy. Except that the pork was quite fatty.

Ka Na Jeen Phad Hedhom
Chinese kai lan stir fried with shitake mushrooms.

Khao Phad Nam Liab
Black olive fried rice with chicken, served with fresh chillies, lime, shallots and cashew nuts.
Another specialty. I like it, the rice was very fragrant and with a bit 'wok hei' but can't eat much as it's quite oily.

We were so full that we didn't order any desserts. It's an wonderful dinner and thanks birthday girl for footing the bill. Thank you, Hoon! Happy Birthday to you!

Patara Fine Thai Cusine
163 Tanglin Road,
#03-14, Tanglin Mall,
Singapore 247933
Tel: 6737 0818
Fax: 6737 0315
Email: pataratm@singnet.com.sg
Opening hour: 12pm to 3pm (lunch), 6pm to 10pm (dinner)
including weekends and public holidays


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