Feb 13, 2009

Valarie Kong - Muffin & Cheesecake Workshop

Last night, attended another Valarie Kong's Baking Workshop at The Serangoon CC. A very rich chocolate muffin and cheese cake. Chocolate lovers will like this delicious sweet treats.

Ultimate Chocolate Muffin

Macademia Chocolate Cheesecake

My samplings for the day


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was there too! I saw your post on the choc chip muffin from her too, which one taste better? Initially after reading your first post, i thought the recipe last night was for the choc chip muffin. So out of curiousity, where were you seated last night? Just wanted to know if I was sitting around you. Thanks.


Wen said...

Hi Karen,

If you are a choc lover, then the ultimate choc muffin is better, more moist. The choc chip muffin is lighter not so rich.
I was at the front row, 1st seat near the entrance. What about u?


Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,
Now i remember, val was taking attendence when she called out your name and there was another lady with the same name behind you right? I was in brown blouse/jeans and sitting on the sec row about 4 seats away from the window. Nice to 'meet' you indeed, in fact, I always frequent your blog as I had also some similar classes as you.

Wen said...

Hi Karen,
Hope to meet you again next time...
Please call me when you meet me again if you can recognise me.

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