Mar 4, 2009

Thai Cooking Class (Elementary) ~ Lesson 4

Last evening was the last lesson of my Thai Cooking Elementary Class. I really enjoy Forest's class as she's really nice, very informative on ingredients and methods of handling them. During classes she will tell us some of her stories that really warms my heart and relaxes me. After this elementary class, she is conducting the next stage in April, I haven't signed up still considering as I will be very busy at work from now till next month due to auditing.

The tapioca and pineapple rice were good but the pomelo salad I don't really like it. Maybe due to the ground peanuts and fried coconut.

Pomelo Salad

Pineapple Rice
Tapioca In Syrup
Lesson 4 @ 3th March 2009
Forest Leong conducts cooking classes at Shermay's Cooking School and PA. Please check out the related websites for details if anyone is interested in attending her classes.


Hamster said...

Try this Thai cooking website.
It's got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along.

Wen said...

Hi Hamster,

Thank you and I will definitely check it out.

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