May 30, 2009

Barcook Bakery @ Hong Lim

Finally get to try this really soft and irresistable Cheese & Raisin bread (S$1.30 ea) from Hong Lim where you have to q to get it. Of course, I never went to q for it... I asked my brother to get some for me when he dropped by my place last week. As he is staying in that area so he knew when is the off peak hour to go grab this bread. It's a pity I can't try it fresh from the oven but it's still taste great even I ate it the next day. It's soft and filled with tasty cream cheese and is rather similar to the cheese bun at Provence Bakery at Holland Village. However will these be another short term crave like the coffeeboy, bubble tea or pork floss bun? Well, only times will tell... but at least I tried before!

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Barcook Bakery
531 Upper Cross Street
#01-54 Hong Lim Complex
Singapore 050531
Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat-Sun: 8am - 4pm


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