Jun 20, 2009

Sin Swee Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant

This afternoon went to Sun Lik to get some baking ingredients and on the way home bought dinner from Sin Swee Kee which is just next door. There are 2 chicken rice shops along Seah Street. One is Sin Swee Kee and the other one is Old Swee Kee, are both of them related to the real "Swee Kee"? Haha, I also don't know!

Half Chicken - S$12.00
Liver/Gizzard - $0.50 each

The chicken was not the usual smooth and melt in the mouth type. It's taste like kampong chicken, the meat was still tender but some may prefer a softer type. The chicken is lean so even if you eat the skin, you won't feel so oily. The sauce was was tasty and they are very generous in giving cucumbers too.

Blanched Kailan w/Oyster Sauce - S$4.00

This simple blanched kailan was surprisingly tasty and yummy even though it looked plain. Nice!

Rice/Porridge $0.70 each
The rice was tasty and fragrant but would prefer a harder texture. The porridge was smooth and rich in flavour. A good alternative to eat with the chicken instead of rice. Chilli was not bad too.

To conclude, the chicken rice was above average but not the best. They also have quite a few zi char dishes.

Sin Swee Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant
35 Seah Street
Singapore 188391
Tel: 63377180
Daily: 11am to 8.30pm


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