Jun 20, 2009

Old Mother Hen Traditional Herbal Soup

Read about them from fellow bloggers and gave it a try last night. The shop was a bit run down and felt like dining in certain village restaurant in Malaysia. Surprisingly it was not crowded on a Friday night, only 2 to 3 tables were occupied but the service staff was friendly. This is another shop that serve Malaysia's style zi char in Geylang. Well, we ordered exactly the same dishes that were recommended at Camemberu. Overall was not really fantastic but pricing was cheap.

Old Mother Hen Herbal Soup - S$6.00

A very traditional herbal soup where none of us appreciate. Too sweet and heavy taste for our liking.

Chicken Claypot Rice - S$15.00

Not too bad but felt that the rice was a bit too soggy.

KL Hokkien Mee - S$8.00

This was nice but still can't compare to the real KL hokkien mee...

Stir Fry Intestine (生肠) in Spicy Shrimp Sauce - S$8.00

This was special but quite oily. The intestine was very crunchy but a bit err... after a few pieces.

Steam Song Fishhead in Spicy Sauce - S$15.00

My Favourite among the rest. The fishhead was fresh and I like the spicy sauce. Yummy!

House Special Tofu - S$8.00

The savoury minced pork and prawn sauce complimented the soft and smooth tofu very well. But the tofu was a bit cold that night. It would be nicer if it was pipping hot.

Two Flavours Kailan - S$12.00

The kailan was cooked in 2 ways. The leafy part was deep fried till crispy like seaweed top with some pork floss when served and the stem part was stir fry with garlic. This was creative but doesn't taste fantastic and a bit too oily for our liking.

Read more about them at Camemberu & Singapura Daily Makan Photo.

Old Mother Hen Traditional Herbal Soup
136 Sims Avenue
(Between Geylang Lor 17 & 19)
Daily - 11am tp 2.30pm/5pm to 1.30am
Tel: 68418798 HP: 91282793 (Jimmy)


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