Jul 25, 2009

BBQ Wholesale Centre

It's a surprise BBQ birthday party for my cousin secretly arranged and coordinated by her boyfriend. We were told to just be there on time last Sunday, 19/7/09. All BBQ items were ordered from BBQ Wholesale Centre. A one-stop shop that take the hassle out of you from the preparation work of organising a BBQ. They have simply everything! You name it they have it, really very convenient and surprisingly not very costly too.

All fresh & raw items were nicely sealed & freezed in a box as show above. The beef steak was quite nice, probably added quite a bit of tenderizer. Large black pepper prawn was fresh and nice but the shelless prawn w/hawaiian glaze was not so good, too sweet. Satay was ok and the sauce was nice too but need to heat it up. As for the stingray, the chilli tasted like nasi lemak chilli so not that fantastic. There were 3 types of chicken wings, my fav was the oriental mid wing. Sausages were good quality type but the bacon too artificial.

The cooked food... the fried mee and korean rice roll (my recipe) were prepared by her boyfriend's family.

Well, overall the quality of the BBQ food were all quite acceptable and definitely value for money. I think is about S$15/pax averagely for the above type of food. It's definitely worth it as you can enjoy the evening better without going through the hassle of marketing and preparing the food which is quite exhausting.

Check out their website:
Tel: 6848 6848


Anonymous said...

Hi Wen,

Was looking for review on BBQ Wholesale and happened to come to your site. Saw your Psalm 37.4 banner and just felt that I should share these 2 links with you - they are testimonies of mediacorp actors Chew Chor Meng & Rayson Tan:

Be blessed & Be a blesser.

Wen said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for sharing. I knew about them too because I'm attending Lighthouse but is my first time listening to Chew's testimonies.

Mrblurblur said...

My friend & I planned this small gathering at my place with a budget constraint. I searched online for some bbq stuff but all are quite expensive. If buy in ntuc, quite troublesome. So we saw this site www.bbqwholesale.com and find this package. Im so happy it fits our budget and its quite complete. I have everything I need!!! Next time I have an event I know what to do already.

- babygurll88

wensdelight said...

thanks for your comment!

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