Jul 26, 2009

Marutama Ra-men

Actually wanted to celebrate cousin's birthday here but she's more interested in sushi & sashimi. So we went back on our own to Central again last Tues (21/7/09) to have Ramen. I had eaten it 2 years ago when it just started and this was my 2nd time. There's always a long queue outside the shop. We waited for awhile for our table but the serving was pretty fast. Since I never been to Japan before so I believe this was so far the best ramen that I had before.

Ramen w/egg - S$13.00
Excellent rich chicken broth and noodles. The egg was very good too, so tasty... I like the fried sliced garlic too, complimented the soup & ramen so well.

Aka Ramen w/egg - S$16.00

7 kinds of nuts was added to the soup base and was a bit spicy. This was served with chicken balls but we still preferred the pork belly. To compare, I still prefer the Chicken broth Ramen.
Char Siew - 4 pcs at S$6.00

I always remember the char siew was good so we ordered 2 portions. If you don't take fatty meat then this is not for you as the char siew has a layer of fat.
Marutama Ra-men
6 Eu Tong Seng Street
#03-90/91 The Central
Singapore 059817
Tel: 65348090 Fax: 65348077
Business hours: 11.30am to 10.00pm


TC Leow said...

Hi Wen,

I tried out your banana cake recipe. My cake turn out to be very crumbly. I used a 8" square mould and while baking, the centre sinks and the 4 sides rise.

What could be the reason?


Wen said...

Hi Jean,

This is a sponge cake type of banana cake so the beating of eggs and folding play a very important part. My 1st time making this cake was not very successful too, the cake was compact & heavy though it never sinked.

If you are sure that all ingredients were properly measured and sugar was not reduced, the cake turn out crumbly and dry maybe due to oven temperature too high or the cake was overbaked.

There are also many reason why cake sink too.
- Are the eggs at room temperature?
- The bowl that was used to beat the eggs is it free of oil and dry?
- Did you add in the flour gradually when folding?
- Did you preheat your oven?
- Is the egg well beaten to ribbon stage (stiff stage)?
- Did you underfold the cake?

Oven temp varies so you have to understand your oven. Like mine, usually I will need to reduce 10deg c.

There's a very good blog that explain why cake sink for your reference:

Hope is useful to you. We all learnt better from mistake. So hope your next try is a successful one. Happy baking!

TC Leow said...

Hi Wen,

Thank you for taking time to give me a very detailed reply.

I will try again and let you know.

Once again, thanks for your helpful tips.


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