Jul 14, 2009

Old Hong Kong Kitchen


Met up with 2 ex-colleagues for dinner last Tuesday at Square 2 to celebrate BY's birthday. Though they had left my present company for almost 2 years but we always will make an afford to meet up once awhile especially on any of our birthday's. Usually we will have lots to talk about, we will update each other about our recent happenings. That evening we decided to have some chinese food and I suggested to try Old Hong Kong Kitchen.

Very nicely decorated interior and service was good. We ordered some of their specialities and pleased that all were above my expectation except for their dessert, not many choices and nothing really special.

Rose Tea - S$8.40

We enjoyed the soothing and fragrant rose tea very much.

Mashed Spinach Soup in "Tai Ji" - S$16.00

Superior stock with mashed spinach and chopped fresh scallops. This was really interesting and surprisingly good. Worth trying.

Fish Maw & Angel Luffas w/Minced Pork - S$18.00

Anything with fish maw just attracted me. I'm a super fish maw lover. Not bad though a bit salty toward to the end when it's start to boil. BY liked it very much.

Saute Chicken Fillet w/Scallion - S$12.00

Chicken leg meat very well seasoned and saute on high heat, serve with deep fried curry leaves. The chicken was very tender and this dish goes so well with rice.

Deep Fried Prawn & Salted Egg Yolk - S$16.00

This was CY's fav. One of their popular dish. Very rich, sinful & high cholestrol!! It was coated with salted egg yolk to deep fry till crispy and the whole prawns with shell can be eaten. I'm not a prawn person but I do like this.

Nai Bai Fried w/Garlic - S$8.00

Simple stir fry vegetables.

Chilled Avocado Cream w/Ice Cream - S$5.00
Mango Pancake Roll - S$6.00

The avocado cream was quite nice but the pancake was nothing special. Just crepe wrap with fresh cream and mangoes.

Old Hong Kong Kitchen
10 Sinaran Drive
#02-00 Square 2
Singapore 307506
Tel: 63977023
Opening hours:
10.30am to 11.00pm daily


Ian Low said...

Yup, i enjoy this little gem also, really great alternative to crystal jade and similar hk dim sum and cuisine.

Wen said...

Hi Ian, we enjoyed the food too. Some of the dishes are quite special.

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