Aug 23, 2009

Jade Restaurant @ Fullerton Hotel

Jade Restaurant at The Fullerton Hotel is having Dim Sum Buffet promotion till end of Oct 09 at $28.00++ which is quite a good deal in a 6 stars hotel. It's so popular that reservation has to be made 1 to 2 months ahead. We didn't make any prior reservation at all but it was given to us by my aunt's neighbour who couldn't make it last Sunday. Since it's was so raved about we decided to try it out. Due to it's popularity and rather good review from HGW, of course we went with high expectation.... however...

The Starters/Appetizers

Starting with the appetizers, I only find the wasabi prawn and braised beef were nice.

Steamed Dim Sums

I was rather disappointed with most of the steamed dim sums. Nothing really outstanding and some of the dumpling's skin were too thin and fallen off easily when we picked it up with chopsticks. If I have to choose one fav, may be the sharkfin & scallop dumplings was the best among them in my humble opinion.

Deep Fried Dim Sums

Compared to the steamed dim sums, the deep fried items were much better except for the fried golden cheese dumplings which taste nothing of cheese but just some kind of bland chewy starchy dough in the center. The creative one would be the pan fried dumplings, just the way it was presented already won our hearts. Next would be the Deep Fried Taro Paste w/Truffle & Mushroom. This was my favourite in this buffet and was the only one we ordered 2nd round. It was simply delicious and it was filled with rather strong truffle oil fragrant.

Noodles, Rice, Congee & Soup

As for the soup, most of us liked the spinach & crabmeat soup which was light and flavourful. The hot and sour soup was rather good too as it was rich and not overly sour. The congee was outstanding but the noodles and rice were just ordinary.

Here's come to the end of our lunch which most of us felt that it was not as expectedly good just very ordinary. Most disappointed to know that dessert was not included in the buffet. If you really need some, is at S$8.00++ per serving as side order. However, the ambience was classy and nice. And I heard that it was almost fully booked till the end of Oct 09! If you are unable to make a reservation till the end of the promotion, don't be disappointed as it's really not that fantastic after all in my opinion.

The Fullerton Hotel
1 Fullerton Square
Singapore 049178
Tel: 68778188


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