Sep 27, 2009

Green Tea - I love you...

13th Sep 09

Yes, I'm still not done with my green tea bakes yet. I really like green tea, I like green tea ice cream, cakes, dessert, cookies, and drink or simply anything green tea. My trip to Japan, I bought quite a few green tea treats too.

After my successful trial few days ago on the green tea chiffon cake, I'm going to bake the actual birthday cake for my friend today using that recipe. The same day, I also baked another cake using Valerie's Strawberry shortcake recipe but modified it to green tea flavor. Well it's turn our real good too.

This cake taste almost similar to my green tea chiffon cake but much lighter.

This was the birthday cake specially made for my best friend, Hwee. Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Yes, tea is all that. I like to see it used in recipes and look forward to more with tea like Matcha to replace the ubiquitous chocolate. I'll take the tea and pass on the chocolate, personally, and I support others who make the switch too. --Teaternity

Sherynn Tay said...

hi wen, may i know was that croquant u used to decorate the strawberry green tea cake? ~thanks!

Wen said...

Hi Sherynn,

Yes, is croquant.

Sherynn Tay said...

Thanks Wen, I copy-cat u and bake a green tea strawberry cake today, decorated with croquant at the side :P

your blog is very inspiring!! thanks for your effort :)

Wen said...

Hi Sherynn,

Glad that my bake has inspired you. I also got this idea from Tampopo Deli.

Thanks for visiting too. Happy baking!

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