Sep 25, 2009

My Leisure Cooking - Sep 09

Some of the meals prepared by me before my trip... Recipes are mostly adapted from Chef Yong's workshops. However I can't post up the recipes as he is still teaching it.

5th Sep 2009

Linguine lightly tossed w/fried garlic, olive oil & chopped tomatoes served with pan fried fresh cod fish top with home made pesto sauce. Pesto sauce - a blend of extra virgin oil, pine nuts, permasen cheese & fresh chopped basil leave. One of my fav pasta sauce... yummm!

9th Sep 2009

A very appetizing dressing toss with a mixture of whatever fresh vegetables I can find in my fridge.

Potatoes wedges seasoned w/curry powder & coated with flour deep fried till crisp served w/homemade honey mustard sauce. Very well liked by my family.

Thick slice of dory fillet deep fried in a fluffy batter. Crispy on the outside & juicy & moist inside. However a bit too oily maybe my oil was not on the right temp.

Homemade tartar sauce, really good and simple to make too. Basically is a mixture of mayo, capers, gherkins, eggs, parsley, lemon & onions.

11th Sep 2009

Our all times fav garlic bread & potatoes salad. A simple & satisfying light lunch on weekends.

12th Sep 2009

Another one of my family fav - Prima Laksa but mee tai bak was used instead and was surprising good, even better than the usual bee hoon.


AK said...

Your potatoes salad look so good leh,can teach me ah ?
Your recipe got used hard boiled eggs ah ?

Wen said...

Hi Ak,

Sure no problem. The salad has no egg.

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