Oct 25, 2009

Hokkaido Fish Market

16th Oct 09

I was doing some groceries shopping at Square 2 last Friday and happened to pass by this shop selling sushi, sashimi & various Japanese products. They usually has promotion after 7pm at the takeaway counter. Saw this pack of Salmon Maru looked so fresh and really can't resist the temptation but to grab a pack home even though aunt already cooked our dinner. Furthermore was at 30% discount so only cost me $4.05 (UP: S$5.80).

Salmon Maru

My favourite part of salmon - Salmon belly wrap with sushi rice mix w/roe and top with Japanese mayo and salmon roe.

Hokkaido Fish Market
10 Sinran Road
Square 2 #04-74/75
Singapore 307506
Tel: 63977001
Fax: 63977002


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