Oct 25, 2009

Nice Pasta Sauce by House

Recently I bought 2 packs of instant pasta sauce by House (products of Japan) and was quite surprise that it tasted so good. It was so convenient for those who don't know how to cook and wanted some quick & easy meal at home. Just have to stir in some cooked pasta into the sauce and heat it through. You will be able to enjoy a nice meal in less than 15 mins. I tried the cream and bolognese sauce, both were nice. Definitely going to stock up a few packs if I happen to pass by Japanese supermarket.

The cream sauce was very tasty with acceptable creaminess and there's bits of ham in the sauce. You can by all means add some bacon in. I just spinkled some ready bacon bits and parmesan cheese on top.

This was even more yummy than the cream sauce. I added some sauteed sausages to cook it with the pasta and sauce. When it's done, top with some pizza plus cheese and baked for a few mins till the cheese melted and brown. Serve immediately. It was so good and I finished every bits of it.


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