Oct 21, 2009

Shan Tou Shi Teochew Fish Head Seafood

11th Oct 09

I has been watching our local variety programme "Sizzling Wok" hosted by Pornsak & Li Teng with a different local chinese chef on each episode, every Wed at 8pm on Ch 8. A show that recommend nice and value for money zi char in different areas of Singapore from neighbourhood estates to even Orchard Road. Tonight will be Episode 7, previously they had covered Ang Mo Kio, Tampines, Redhill, Toa Payoh, Hougang & Jurong. My family favourite is zi char so we will definitely love to try out those recommendations especially those that are near to us like Toa Payoh.

For consecutively 2 weeks, we went to this zi char recommended by the show at Toa Payoh Lor 1, Blk 124 (Speciality - White Beehoon, not sure of the name, I think is Lucky Seafood) but we always didn't get to eat it. The first time was due to overwhelming response which we can understand, even though the lady boss told us in a very impatient manner that if we can't wait come back next time.

The 2nd times, we went early on a Tue night. It was not very crowded though all the tables were occupied but only 3 to 4 tables waiting for their orders. There's still folded tables unopened at the corner so the wait shouldn't be long. However the lady boss's attitude really sulked that we decided to give this zi char a miss FOREVER! She was literally shouting at the customers, this was what she said: "Go find your own tables then come to me to order, if you don't have table, I won't take your order!" Can you imagine she actually said that! This is not a hawker stall, a zi char in a coffee shop where tables are usually arranged for customers and they will come to us to take order, right? What's so great about her white beehoon! Furthermore that day was not that crowded. If we really crave for white beehoon, we shall go to the one at Sembawang - White Bee Hoon, I think looks much better than hers. If they can't cope with such expected overwhelming crowds, then shouldn't go on TV, that will only bring bad publicity instead. I do not know, maybe some of them just don't mind to be treated this way but we definitely can't tolerate that so we just walked off.

That's the end of my long winded nagging...lol! Let's come back to my main post, my next dining experience at one of the recommended zi char at Hougang - Shan Tou Shi Teochew Fish Head Seafood. They has been around for a long time so they are much more experienced in handling huge crowd. Still, the responses were too overwhelming that they can't maintain the cooking standard. We felt that all the dishes we ordered were sub-standard and prepared in a rush. I believe they are definitely better than that if not they will not be still around after so many years. And from reading HGW, most of them gave pretty good reviews on them. So we will still come back some other times till the rave is over.

Fish Head Steamboat
The stock was a bit bland, lack of the rich flavor we looked for in Fishhead steamboat and it was not boiling hot when served. The red grouper was fresh but the fillet was tough & chewy (lo kor). Look so different from the program where the soup looked lightly creamy and rich.
Oyster Egg

Another recommended dish, not too bad as the oyster was very fresh but the egg was too soggy. Definitely not what the 2 hosts claimed that it was crispy, fluffy & melt in the mouth.
Claypot Sea Cucumber & Fish Maw
A claypot dish that was not served in a claypot. It became a stir fried dish, though the sauce was nice but the sea cucumber & fish maw were way under braised as it was still hard & chewy. The reason given was they had no time to heat up the claypot & let it braised. Like that also can.... really sub-standard.

Stir Fry Kai Lan

Indeed not a satisfying dinner but the pricing was quite ok. From these experiences, we decided not to visit all those recommended places anymore still the program is over for awhile. Oh yes, in the same coffee shop, there are some nice food worth trying like the beef noodles stall owned by the zi char but operate separately and the rojak.

Shan Tou Shi Beef Kway Teow & Rojak

The beef soup was rich, flavorful and beef was very tender. Worth trying. The rojak was as good too, almost comparable to the famous rojak at Toa Payoh Hub basement foodcourt, they were very generous with the sauce and peanuts.

Shan Tou Shi Teochew Fish Head Seafood
Blk 203 Hougang Street 21
Tel: 67483139 / 98343855
Opening hour: 4.30pm to 10.30pm daily


Chow and Chatter said...

yummy food, love hotpots as you can see my my blog banner!

Wen said...

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for visiting my blog and your's is great too!

joan said...

HI, Wen, I live in hougang seriously i do not think is nice went once before it was broadcast and never went back, for nice steamboat i would recommend you "whampoa market" there is this stall at the end of the other sector, they use charcoal for their steamboat is very nice.

Wen said...

Hi Joan,

Noted & thanks for the recommendation. I know that stall, tried it once years ago. It was quite nice too as I remembered.

By the way, your Bear Bear is very cute!

joan said...

Hi wen thanks a lot!

i read both your blogs daily, is highly informative and entertaining :) and I cant help gushing over your fur babies :)especially wally who bears resemblance to my bear bear

Wen said...

Hi Joan,

Glad to know that you enjoy reading my blogs...


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