Nov 22, 2009

Zion Road Food Centre

13th Nov 2009

Last Friday, I went to Great World City for movie - 2012. Before the show, we crossed over to the food centre for a quick dinner. I had pork chop from the western food stall - Seng Huat (Stall 12) operated by an old couple. Heard my friend complimenting their food was quite nice so gave it a try.
Pork Chop - S$4.50

Serve without any sauce and the seasoning was very oriental instead of western. Not too bad but certain part of the meat was quite tough.

Seng Huat Western Food
86 Zion Road
Stall No. 12
Zion Road Food Centre
Ordered this to share - Assorted fried stuff like fish balls, Ngoh Xiang, Fish Tau Kua etcs. Forgotten to note down the name and stall no. Anyway, there is only one stall in the food centre selling this so is not easy to miss.

The Ngoh Xiang was quite nice, fish ball and bean curb was normal and not very impressive.


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