Dec 10, 2009

Buffet Breakfast @ Bangkok Sky Restaurant

26th - 29th Nov 09

During our 3 nights stay at Baiyoke Sky, we enjoyed the complimentary buffet breakfast very much. The spread was pretty good and you can have a panorama view of Bangkok while having breakfast.

Bangkok Sky Restaurant
@ Baiyoke Sky Hotel
Level 76 & 78


le pseudocanadienne said...

Ahhh...too bad they had the riot @ the airport last yr when I was home for a visit. Had wanted 2 go to Bangkok with my lil'l ones. Missed the scrumptious breakfast buffets in the hotel! ( your beautiful photos r making me salivate!!)Hope next time there'll b peace when I go home so I can go eat in Bangkok! :p

Philip said...

Many hostels actually have facilities catering specifically for family travel.

Hoteis Em Joao Pessoa

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