Dec 21, 2009

Pizza Hut X'mas Edition '09 - Twist 'N' Dunk

8th Dec 09

It's been raining rather frequently recently and lots of time during our lunch hour. This was one of the working day where it's rain like dogs and cats so we decided to order delivery. We ordered from Pizzahut again as some of us wanted to try the new Twist 'N' Dunk pizza.

Always during season period, Pizzahut will launch a limited edition pizza and this year is the Twist 'N' Dunk - decked with fillings of your choice if you do not wish have the turkey & chicken plus 18 mini crusts sprinkled with savoury Italian herbs. Twist it off and dunk into cheddar cheese sauce and Chacho's nacho chips for a fun filled Christmas feast.

Twist 'N' Dunk Super Supreme Pizza

The crust was a bit too dry for my liking but by dipping into cheese and chips, it was not too bad.

Christmas Starlight Feast S$36.90
Add on special - Sweet 'N' Spicy Drumlets (6 pcs) S$4.80
Delivery hotline: 62-35-35-35


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