Dec 6, 2009

Super Vanilla Cheesecake

24th Nov 09

Test baked another Chef Keiko's recipe from her cookbook - Okashi. This is the first time that I bought a cookbook and really keen in trying out the recipes. There are so many interesting sweet treats in the book that I'm interested to try.

Chef Keiko Super Vanilla Cheesecake

Cheesecake lover will like this ultra rich and creamy blueberry cheesecake. It's an easy recipe to make that need less than an hour to complete. The recipe used food processor to blend the cheese but I do not have one, so I use my hand blender. It's worked well too.

Recipe adapted from Chef Keiko - Okashi

I made a double recipe for the biscuit base as I prefer a thicker base. As for the cheese mixture 1.5x recipe which is just nice for a 7 inch round tin. (Original recipe is 6 inch). The top level is pure sour cream, but mine is in cream colour which can't really differentiate from the cheese whereas from the cookbook, the picture shown a very distinctive layer of white sour cream. Is it different type of sour cream used or I have overcooked the sour cream and caused the oil to surface. Anyone out there done this cake before?

Verdict: I quite like it even though I'm not a cheesecake lover and I manage to eat a slice myself. As my family don't eat this type of cheesecake so I brought all to office. Most of my colleagues liked it and gave thumb up for it except for 2 who find it too rich and creamy. One of them asked me to make one for her son's bd the following week. On my 2nd attempt, I managed to get a nicer layer by using light sour cream and followed closely to the cooking time stated in the cookbook. It's turn out better than the first one and I did some minor decor since it's a birthday cake.

Happy Birthday to Connie's Son!


Solange said...

Mmmm, this cheesecake look wonderful! Wish I could taste it!

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