Jan 25, 2010

Moonstone Seafood

17th Jan 2010

Where to go and what to eat for dinner? This question always been posted to me every Sunday. But that's Sunday they aleady decided when they picked me up at Shermay's after my workshop, they wanted to try out this new zi char place just right behind the very popular Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat. However, the location is not very good, not many people will notice them if not for the banner hanging outside along Serangoon Road or maybe from the newspaper.

Moonstone Seafood is having promotion on Fish head steamboat, all at half price. Very attractive, that's to say is about $9-$10 per set for the regular size and large at about $15 only. The soupbase was quite nice but the fish was too little for us even we ordered the large one. I'm not sure is it because is half price that's why quantity also lesser. In the end we top up another regular Pomfret steamboat. However, I still think the one at Tian Wai Tian is much nicer but they scored on the zi char dishes, all we had that evening were pretty good.

Grouper Fish Head Steamboat

  For a large fish head steamboat that hardly can see any fish...

Pepper & Salt Pork Ribs

Very nice and fragrant with crispy bits of garlic.

Fuyong Egg

This omelette dish can never go wrong especially from zi char stall as at home we tend to control the amount of oil, it's always very nice to eat it with rice.

Sambal Cuttlefish Kangkong

The sambal was very flavoursome and not overly spicy. Simply delicious!

Sambal Sweet Potatoes Leaves

This was for Aunt P who cannot take kangkong.

Moonstone Seafood
Moonstone Coffee House
41 Opal Crescent
Singapore 328428
Tel: 9030 3383/6295 2838

Opening hour: 3pm to 12am daily


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