Jan 25, 2010

CNY Baked Treats 1 by Audrey Tan

17th Jan 2010

A Sunday workshop at Shermay's, my first culinary workshop for the Year 2010. Usually during this time of the year, I will register for CNY cooking/baking workshops, to always update my recipes collection. Last year I attended lots of CNY cooking workshops by Chef Yong but this year not even one because with Aunt around I really don't have much chance to cook so now I'm more into baking.

CNY Baked Treats 1 by Audrey Tan of Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux. A fully booked workshop and I was actually on the wait list but was lucky to get in when one of participant cancelled her registration. Glad to be able to catch up K too who also manage to get registered. Chef Audrey Tan, a wonderful lady and down to earth baker with quite a bit sense of humor made the workshop an enjoyable one. She is very organised and with the help of 2 other bakers that she brought along, within 3 hours, she ran through the whole demo smoothly and clearly. She even did the demo on the bonus recipes section. All recipes are pretty simple and easy to do for home baker, yet most of them are yummy. It's so easy and I really like the recipes so much so that I went home to bake some of them right after the workshop. Quite unusual for me...lol! K jokingly commented that I had recovered half the course fee. I think so too...haha!

CNY Baked Treats 1 - Cookies, Tarts & Cakes

A wonderful spread of CNY goodies.

It was so crowded that day, I couldn't really get a good shots of the goodies. The above photos are the result of my cropping...

The workshop includes the following:

1) Pineapple Tarts - classic melt-in-the-mouth pastry topped with home-made pineapple jam cooked with traditional Asian spices. Not so melt in the mouth as I expected it to be but the pineapple jam is one of the best that I had tasted so far. For pastry, I still prefer Valerie's or even my own pineapple tart recipe.

2) Sugi Cookies - traditional and easy-to-make cookie using butter instead of ghee. It's a really easy to do recipe but tasted a bit different from the sugee cookies I learnt before. Anyway it's still nice.

3) Peanut Butter Cookies - tender cookie, made with peanut butter, a twist to the traditional 'peanut cookie'. Thumb up for this.

4) Orange Butter Cake (baked in Nordic Ware bundt cake tin) - An orange zest infused moist and buttery cake. Very fluffy and soft, rather authentic too. Love this very much though I can't convince myself to buy a Nordic Ware bundt cake tin which's so expensive, I can still bake it in a loaf tin.

Bonus Recipes (to try-at-home!):
5) Canelés - A traditional French treat with a brown caramelised crust but a moist, tender and slightly chewy centre. Another heavy investment recipe as the canele's mould is so costly! I think I rather buy it from the shop if I'm craving for it.

6) Wolfberry Cupcakes - A new version of the cake made with real wolfberries, especially for the festive occasion! Wolfberries in cupcake? Cannot imagine right? But it was surprisingly nice and I think the elderly will definitely like this cake. Going to try out this recipe soon.

Looking forward to my next workshop with Chef Audrey on 31st Jan 2010.


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The cookies look so good, I am sure they taste yummy. I especially like those pineapple tarts :)

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