Jan 23, 2010

Sunday lunch at home

17th Jan 2010

Started with Smoked Duck Salad, followed by Tuna & Cheese Focaccia Bread and a simple dessert of Yami Yogurt. That's what I prepared for my family Sunday's lunch. Simple, nutritious and very delicious!

Smoked Duck Salad

Slice smoked duck, butterhead lettuce, cherry tomatoes and assorted chopped peppers with a mixture of Kewpie Wafu dressing & Mizkan Kin Goma Tare dipping sauce. A mixture of equal portion of these dressing works wonder. Taste really marvellous with the salad and smoke duck.

Duck Chef Black Pepper Smoked Duck Breast

In case you are wondering where I get my smoked duck? Of course I don't know how to make it...haha! It's another one of my great find from the supermarket. Vacuum packed with no preservatives and ready to eat. This is great for salad and sandwiches. The duck breast was very tender and bursting with mild black pepper flavor. Very yummy!

Tuna & Cheese Focaccia Bread

Bought ready focaccia bread from Gardenia with Tuna mayo (Tuna, chopped onion, capers, mayo, mustard & pepper), cheese and lettuce. Almost tasted like a sandwich from Subway. Very satisfying!

Yami Yogurt

Nearly forgotten that I had a box of Yami yogurt in my freezer... so trying to finish up before it expired. By now, all my darlings already crowding around us begging for yogurt! Lol!
(Photos by Canon EOS500D)


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