Jan 14, 2010

Red Ribbon Mango Cake

4th Jan 09

Before I continue my backlogs, I would like to insert this post. This was an engagement cake all the way took a flight from Philiphines to Singapore. It was one of my colleague's engagement cake who's financee is from Philiphines. According to him, this cake shop - Red Ribbon is very popular in Philiphines.

Layers of white chiffon cake covered with mango bits butter cream. This cake remind me of what I had in my childhood. Nowadays we seldom can find cake with buttercream but this cake is too sweet for my liking. Anyway, thank you Y for the cake and Congratulation!


Anonymous said...

hi there! is that made of butter cream, whipped cream or what?

Wen said...

Hi Anonymous, is made of butter cream.

Anonymous said...

hi, what are the brands of buttercream?

Wen said...

Hi Anonymous, I'm not too sure as this cake was from Philiphines. Probably you can check out from their website.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful cake. Need butter cream recipe!

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