Jan 12, 2010

2nd Kitchen

5th Jan 2010

Always wondering how 2nd Kitchen fare after passing by the restaurant along Balestier Road at Value Thomson Hotel several times. Last Tuesday, went to try out after reading Camemberu's review on them. The interior of the restaurant was exceptionally small as it can only place 4 to 5 four seater tables though there are quite a few al fresco seating available. Menu's pricing are restaurant standard but no GST and service charge. Tissue at $0.30/pkt and peanuts at S$1.50/serving.

La La Bee Hoon Soup - S$12.00

One of the signature dish. Though lots of la la swimming in the soup but I felt that the stock was not as rich as I expected it to be. It was just very peppery instead as lots of peppercorn was used in the soup. Not bad but don't have wow effect.

Slice Giant Grouper Fish Hor Fun - S$15.00

Extremely flavourful and with good wok hei. The hor fun texture was very good too, it's thin, smooth and yet still chewy. The slice grouper was very fresh and sweet tasting though a bit "loh kor".

Fried Rice with Crabmeat - S$10.00

Very expensive for a plate of fried rice that has nothing except crabstick and egg! We are expecting to have some real bits of crabmeat for that kind of price and the portion serve one only. The rice texture was no good, the rice lack wok hei and flavor too. Definitely a "no no" for this.

Bacon with Yau Mai Vegetables - S$12.00

Wanted to have Sambal Winged Bean instead but was sold out. The staff recommended this and we were told this was organic and taken from their own farm. Quite yummy probably due to the bacon but portion was really very small.

2nd Kitchen
Value Thomson Hotel
592 Balestier Road
Singapore 718813
Tel: 62543676


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