Jan 11, 2010

The Dunearn @ Bt Timah Guild House

3rd Jan 2010

Sunday lunch, a treat given by my cousin BF at NUSS The Graduate Club. We were invited to The Dunearn @ Bukit Timah Guild House. The restaurant ambiance is elegant and service is adequate too even though no service charge (GST applicable). All of us decided to have the 4-course Set Lunch, 2 choices are given for each course. My choices are all those listed first in each course. We started off the meal with complimentary warm focaccia bread w/butter and followed by appetiser.

The Dunearn Set Lunch - 4 course @ S$28.00

Pencil Asparagus with French Dressing
Waldorf Salad with Fig & Apricot

Blanched asparagus w/fresh garden salad in French dressing. A good start that was very light and appetising, just the way I like it.

I did try some, nothing special just apples, celery, cucumber, lettuce and chopped walnuts with a few bits of dried apricot & fig dressed in mayonnaise. I preferred my choice.

Cream of Potato & Bacon Dust
Chicken Broth with Silken Tofu & Shimeji Mushroom

Flavourful and not overly creamy. Nice!

For those that don't like creamy soup, this was for them. My aunt commented that it was nice and very oriental flavour.

Main Course
Grilled Australia Ribeye with Potato, Seasonal Vegetables & Tarragon Butter Sauce
Seared Pacific Dory on Bed of Garlic Linguine, Pine Nut & Basil Cream

It's a value meal so I won't expect the beef to be of superior quality but mine was a bit overdone for medium rare. Overall was still nice as it was grilled to perfect brownness with nice smokey flavour. The side dish was very good indeed, sauteed fennel & asparagus served in a crispy potatoes basket.

Both my aunts who don't take beef had this. They gave thumb up for it. I tried some and yes it was pretty good. The linguine was cooked till al dente texture and the dory fish nicely seared till just cooked. The sauce was perfectly flavoured and not overly creamy. Quite perfectly done up that deeply impressed my palate.

Warm Plum Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Creme Brulee with Blood Orange Sorbet

This was too rich and heavy to end a 4 course meal. The puff pastry was flaky and crispy top with peanut butter cream which I find it too rich for my liking as it was already served with vanilla ice cream. And the plum was a bit sweet for my liking too.

The combination of the sweet caramelised sugar, refreshing sour orange sauce, bitter sweet chocolate custard and cooling sorbet created a perfect nice dessert that even my aunt who don't like dessert also finish it all by herself. It was refreshingly light and not chokingly sweet. This was definitely a better choice compared to mine.

Set Lunch includes:
Focaccia bread w/Butter
Free flow of soft drinks & juices
Coffee or Tea

A satisfying and delightful lunch that was value for money given the kind of quality. Thanks RS for this wonderful lunch treat.

The Dunearn
Bukit Timah Guild House
1F Cluny Road
Singapore 259602
Reservation: 65863263
Lunch: 11.30pm to 3.00pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 9.45pm
Dress Code: Smart Casual


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