Jan 9, 2010

New Year Day Dinner @ Sum's Kitchen

1st Jan 2010

New Year Dinner with family was at one of my favourite Cantonese Zi Char restaurant that I blog about in 2009. These were our 2nd visit. My family wanted something light and home cooking as we been feasting too much for the season. So Sum's Kitchen is the perfect choice for that.

Their signature's dishes - Roasted Duck & Steamed Fish Head were sold out! We were not even very late, it was just 6 plus in the evening. Really disappointment so these were what ordered instead. Definitely not as satisfying compared to the first visit but overall still acceptable. At least first day of the year, we kicked off with a healthier meal. All the dishes we had that evening were quite nice. The hit was the steam chicken with black fungus - The sauce was so flavourful and the chicken was so tender. The miss was the stir fry "you mai" w/garlic - too much garlic and a tad too sweet for our liking.

Stir Fry Bull Frog w/Bean Sauce - S18.00

Steamed Chicken w/Black Fungus - S$8.00

Slice Fish w/Spring Onion & Ginger - S$9.00

Beansprout w/Crispy Bait Fish - S$8.00

Stir Fry You Mai Veg w/Garlic - S$6.00

Hairy Gourd w/Pork Ribs Soup - S$9.00

Sum's Kitchen & Hong Kong Roasted Meat
3 Jalan Legundi
(Opp Sembawang Shopping Centre)
Singapore 759266
Tel: 67572118


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