Jan 9, 2010

Belated & also my 1st Christmas Logcake

1st Jan 2010

The dessert for NYD gathering at BY's was a logcake, my first logcake and also a belated one. Who say logcake can only be eaten on Christmas... we happily ate it on NYD lol!

Thinking hard what to bake to bring over and decided to give Valerie's Logcake a try since I had all the stuff with me. It's a Blackforest Logcake, the inside was a flourless chocolate roll filled with kirsh soaked cherries and choc crunch. Dress it with whipped diary cream with macaphone cheese and kirsh added to it. For the decoration, I added some fresh berries and ornaments. Also, I made full use of the 2 leftover macarons (from Yochana) as decoration which I brought home from office X'mas party. Sprinkled with some choc shaving & powder and my first logcake was borned...

Blackforest Chocolate Logcake (Valerie's)

(Photo by Ivan's Canon DSLR)

(Photo by Ivan's Canon DSLR)

(Photo by Wen's Canon Powershot SX200)

It's not overly sweet and I think most of us enjoyed it. Sorry this is a workshop recipe so I can't share.


edith said...

Wen, you are really good at this. Beautifully done up.

Wen said...

Hi Edith,

Thanks for your compliment.

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