Jan 8, 2010

NYD Gathering at BY's

1st Jan 2010

Finally I'm done with my last year backlogs. First day of the Year 2010, I brought my sweetheart (not my D is my dog ok, lol!), Wally to BY's for a lunch gathering. We had a great time catching up and BY's hubby, Ivan who is quite good with his Canon DSLR took quite a few gorgeous photos for Wally and C's daughter Tong Tong.

We went to her place earlier and cooked lunch together. Being a better cook among them, I taught them how to prepare my all time favourite Sukiyaki Hotpot and prawn fritters which was a special request from C. She fell in love with this dish since I made it for her years ago during CNY at my house.

Sukiyaki Hotpot

Click here for Recipe

Special Prawn Fritters

Click here for Recipe

Honey Chicken Wings
This was bought from AMK Ave 1 market by BY. Very nicely roasted and coated with honey sauce.

2 of my favourite shots by Ivan - Tong Tong & Wally!

Wishing all my readers A Very Happy New Year and A Blessed Year for all!


Jeannie said...

Lovely girl and cutest dog! Very nice food too!

Wen said...

Hi Jeannie,

Thanks for visting my blog! Happy New Year to you!

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