Feb 26, 2010

Jack's Place @ Marina Square

30th Jan 2010

Jack's Place - one of the pioneer steakhouse in Singapore. When I was a kid, Jack's Place used to be my favourite restaurant for western food. As times go, Singapore becoming more developed and properous, it may not be one of the best place for steak anymore as more fine dining restaurants coming up. However, I still like this place very much especially for their super value for money daily set lunch and the signature baked potatoes where the service crews will come and serve us the dressing for the baked potatoes that consist of sour cream, bacon bits and spring onion.

I was there for lunch with a few of my colleagues few Saturdays ago at Marine Square before checking into Pan Pacific hotel for make-up and hairdos. As in the evening, my company was having their annual dinner and dance. All of us had the set lunch and everyone seem to enjoy their main course very much. The manager was very friendly and attentive to us. Thumb up for their service.

Daily Set Lunch includes:(Available from 11am to 2.30pm)
Set Lunch Menu

Soup of the day serve w/garlic bread:
Cream of Watercress
Lobster Bisque (add S$2.00)

The lobster bisque was nicely done up, it's rich and flavourful whereas the cream of watercress was not so acceptable to some of us as the watercress had a very strong aftertaste.
Main Course
NZ Ribeye steak w/brown sauce - S$15.00

When there's a choice between fish and steak, I will always go for steak. I requested for medium rare and it was quite perfectly done. The steak still maintain it's juiciness and tenderness. Yumm...

The rest were my colleagues's orders and all commented not bad especially the grilled dory fish w/teriyaki sauce was very good.

Steak & Chicken Combo - S$17.50

Sirloin steak w/mixed mushroom sauce - S$10.80

Grilled fillet of fish w/teriyaki sauce - S$9.80

Deep fried dory fillet - S$11.50

Chocolate Cake

A bit too dry for our liking.

Jack's Place
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel: 6338 8292 / 6338 6081


Harris said...

i like jack's place. i know a lot of fellow bloggers don't, but i do! :)

Wen said...

Hi Harris,

I think so too... So far I have not come across any blog post on Jack's Place.

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