Feb 23, 2010

The Pie Kia Shop

The Pie Kia Shop - A pastry shop with takeaway concept is a new local brand from Old Chang Kee Group. Very innovative branding, using Singish or rather Hokkien for a range of their products. "Pie Kia" - bit size pie, "Toa Pie Kia " - XL pie, "Pie Tan" - pies on promotion, "Pie Seh" - special unique pies, "Chin Cai" - Salad, "Sio Sio" - hot soup & "Ho Lim" - drinks. Hahaha, quite cute right? I bought 3 different flavour of "pie kia" home to try.

Chicken Ham & Cheese / Roast Chicken / Mushroom Chicken

The pastry was good, it's light, buttery & flaky. Among the 3 flavours I like the ham & cheese as the rest was a bit bland & dry for my liking.


Anonymous said...

I am a pie lover. I always buy some 30, 40 pies back whenever I go to Australia for holiday. Australia makes very delicious pies. I saw this piekia shop at Tiong Bahru so I gave it a try. Other than the Mushroom Chicken pie marginally pass the grade, the rest of the flavour is not worth mentioning.

Wen said...

Agree with you the pies are not fantastic and definitely Australia's pies are better.

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