Mar 20, 2010

La Petite Cuisine

7th Mar 2010

La Petite Cuisine - a little cafe tucked in a corner of Serene Centre that serves affordable and rustic French fare. As there's no service charge and GST, order has to be made at the cashier and ice water is self service too. Anyway I find it a fair deal since they don't charge any service charge. Plus, almost all the mains are less than 20 bucks so it's really quite cheap for the kind of food they serve! We ordered 2 entrees to share with 5 mains and total bill for 5 was S$99.50 nett. One advantage of dining with close ones are you get to try everyone's order. We decided not to have any dessert since reviews on them was so far not fantastic. French food that cost about S$20 per pax, we really can't complaint much though portion was quite small for some of the dishes but still was good enough to fill us.

Overall was a happy meal as the sense of humor of the crews and chef was rather entertaining! Maybe some may not think so... While we were making orders, my cousin asked the lady chef for recommendation, she caught us by surprise and said nothing was nice! When we looked at her shockingly then she laughed out: "Aiyo girl just joking la...!" When I placed my order for salmon, she asked me how old I wanted my salmon to be? This year or last year? I replied with a "ha???" and was thinking what's the difference as I thought is fresh salmon. Innocently I asked her which was better and she replied: "If you want the older one, I can clear my old stock la...!" Then she laughed again: "Aiyo I'm just pulling your legs! Lol!" We all ended up laughing! Quite funny right! After our meal, the chef still came out to greet us and hope that we enjoyed the food!

Escargots (6pcs) w/croissant & salad - S$12.00

Escargots cooked in a very tasty sauce and served with a warm and soft croissant. A dish worth trying and good enough to be ordered as a main if you want something not so heavy!

Ravioli of prawns & foie gras in light lemon creme - S$14.50

One of the signature dish and never disappoint us too. The whole dish was done up nicely, the cream sauce was not overly creamy complimented the ravioli quite well.

2 big ravoili was served and each filled with a piece of foie gras and prawn. Another must try!

Sirloin steak w/gratin potato & salad - S$13.50

The steak was quite thinly cut but surprisingly was done perfectly at medium rare as requested. Nicely grilled with a smokey flavour and the gratin potato was delightfully creamy and fluffy too.

Confit de canard w/gratin potato - S$15.00

Aunt had this and she didn't complaint except the potato was too creamy for her liking as she don't like creamy stuff. I find that the sauce was too little and the duck was a bit dry.

Fillet of fresh salmon w/baby spinach - S$14.50

This was my order and I liked everything from the not over cooked grilled salmon to the sauteed spinach and butter rice.

Pork Cutlet w/pasta - S$11.50

The spaghetti was nicely sauteed with olive oil and the pork cutlet was juicy and tender.

Choucroute Alsacienne - S$18.50

A stewed dish with pork cutlet, sausage, ham & fermented cabbage. This looked rather homely and not so appealling. I think this was the only one dish that we don't really enjoy. The pork cutlet was dry and bland so was the sausage though the thick cut of ham was quite nice.

Complementary warm hard roll w/butter

Nicely toasted!

La Petite Cuisine

10 Jalan Serene
#01-05 Serene Centre
Tel: 6314 3173
Opening hours:
Tue–Sun: 11.30am–2.30pm, 5.30pm–9.30pm


Harris said...

looks good, pretty affordable too!

Anonymous said...

hi wen!! oh i love love love the foie gras ravioli there, it's always so good! though i do think the portions there are too small for guys they never get full :D

Wen said...

Hi dot, thanks for visiting my blog.

Dottie40 said...

Hi Wen! Just visited La Petite Cuisine today. Food was just like you described. Awesome. (I just googled after eating there. Chanced upon it. Decided to try.) My two teens and I had 2 rounds of meal there! One after another. We ordered 2 entrees and 4 mains. Lol! We were teased by the waiter for having our breakfast then lunch there. When we were leaving, he said, "See you at dinner!" Lovely food with friendly service. Ah yes, they even gave us 2 rounds of rolls with butter!

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