Mar 18, 2010

New Great Find!

Amoy Tong Yuen - an interesting frozen convenient food from the supermarket I tried recently. The colour of the tong yuen attracted me. The Pumpkim pastry tong yuen is chewy and wrap with liquid sesame peanut whereas the Purple Glutinous Rice pastry tong yuen is delicate and fine with liquid sesame. Both are so delightful! You just got to try it to know what I mean. It's really very yummy!

Photo source - Anchor Foods International

I'm lazy to prepare sugar syrup so I served it with warm soya milk. It's go pretty well together.

Sunshine Softmeal Cranberry Raisins Bun is another delight too! The bun is very flavourful and moist with bits of cranberry all over. Spread it with butter or eat it on it's own is perfect for breakfast. It always run out fast at my nearby supermarket and whenever I saw it I will definitely grab one.


ice said...

Interesting finds indeed!

Wen said...

Hi ice,

Thanks for dropping by...

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