Apr 9, 2010

Ah Chiang's Porridge

19th Mar 2010

Ah Chang's Porridge has been serving Cantonese style charcoal cooked porridge since 1971. We went to their first shop at Tiong Poh Road for dinner on a Friday evening. Since they have been around for almost 30 years, the porridge must be real authentic and good. Yes, they did not disappoint. It's the type of porridge I like, very smooth texture with delicate flavour and fresh ingredients. The raw fish is just as delicious and fresh, a wonderful side dish to compliment the porridge.

Side Dishes: Raw Fish - S$3.00 / You Tiao - S$0.70 / Century Egg - S$1.50

Raw fish - evenly sliced song fish fillets with sesame oil, lime, shredded young ginger, chilles and spring onion. Just drizzle in some light soya sauce, toss it well and eat. Yum... The you tiao and century egg were ordinary.

Fish Stomach and Minced Pork Porridge w/Egg - S$5.00

Century Egg Chicken Porridge w/Egg - S$5.00

As for the porridge, other than the above 2 types, some of us had the Mixed Pork & Fish Porridge w/Egg S$5.00. All of us enjoy the meal, very much our rendition of comfort food. Just a note that area is quite difficult to look for parking lots and the parking attendants are quite prompt too.

Ah Chiang's Porridge
Blk 65 Tiong Poh Road
Tel: +65 6557 0084
Opening hours: 7am–2pm & 6pm–12am
(Alternate Mondays Off)


ice said...

My fav place for porridge too, been eating porridge from here since young. My fav is the fishhead porridge. (:

Wen said...

Hi ice, thanks for your comment. My fav is the fish belly porridge.

ice said...

I love the fish belly too, after the fishhead.

Just to share some history of this place. (: Before the owner sold it to a franchise (I think they now have 3 outlets), in the 70-80s & early 90s, he used to cook the porridges bowl by bowl over charcoal stoves at the shop front where the signage & rawfish etc is now. You can actually watch him cook your bowl of porridge when you make your orders. It was really a dingy coffeeshop, his stall was very spartan & small. There was no side dishes, you char kuey whatsoever, just raw fish & pork/fish porridge, no century egg/chicken/meatball, fish soup etc.

The porridge was really much better then when the old man was cooking. Standard has dropped after the PRCs took over the cooking behind, but still good. One of the better Canto porridges around.

Speaking of which, I just came back from breakfast there. Try the nonya kuehs from the same coffeeshop the next time you go. They're really yummy. (:

Wen said...

Hi Ice, noted and thanks for the info.

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