Apr 15, 2010

Knorr Tiger Lily & Mushroom Soup

27th Mar 2010

Knorr instant soup comes in handy whenever I feel like having some hot soup as my Aunt don't always cook soup. Though it can never compare to home cooked soup but to us still quite satisfying. However my aunt don't like it and commented that it tasted artificial. There are 4 types of oriental soup to choose from. Hot & Sour, Seafood Soup, Chicken & Mushroom and Tiger lily & Mushroom. Among them, I preferred the seafood soup.


Cookie said...

Of course homemade is best... but when time is not on my side, I turned to Knorr instant soup!
I always have a pack of Tiger Lily and mushroom in my kithcen.

Wen said...

Hi Cookie,

Me think alike too. Thanks for your comment.

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